Through our workshops, you will be prepared to proactively manage your personal finances and, in particular investments in multifunds AFP Chilean Pensions System. Through these methods we seek to answer a single basic question:

How can we better manage our investments?

Through our workshops participants internalize fully the power of virtuous circle: savings, investment, capitalization, financial independence essential to providing responsible investment decisions for multi-fund. We will make a joint reflection on how to evaluate any investment and use FondoAlerta tools to become more autonomous and effective in generating value.

Workshop Details

  • Wealth and Prosperity
  • Income Generation Options
  • Financial Independence and Pensions
  • Entrepeneur Skills
  • Investment Vehicles
  • Diversification
  • Reserves and the Financial Role of AFPs
  • Multifunds
  • Mandatory Savings
  • Voluntary Savings
Workshop modalities
  • Directory (max 5 people, individual inscription )
  • Conference (max 300 people, for companies, unions and any social organizations)
  • World Café (25-100 people, for companies, unions and any social organizations)
  • Open Space Technology (25-300 people,for companies, unions and any social organizations)

Workshop Inscription

If you reside in Chile and need this workshop for your company or institution, please press the attached button and fill out the form below.