Our Dual Investment Strategy

Risky Asset or Safe Harbor

When to Take Risks is a Good Deal and When Not

We do not Manage Third-party Funds

How it Works

Our core strategy is based on moving money back and forth between risky and secure financial investments, with a medium to long term view; e.g.

  • S&P500 Index / Treasury Bonds 1-3 years for US workers retirement 401K / IRAs accounts
  • High / Low Risk multifunds for Chilean workers retirement accounts

This simple strategy proposes staying in risky investments and moving into safer options when prices begin to fall, until prices rise back to or above their normal growth rate. We should expect the same annual profit as the S&P500 Index in the good times, and much better results in the bad ones.

The following animation graphs the above and explains how small differences in profitability down the road will make the difference for fully met your saving objectives.

Application of our Strategy

This strategy avoided enormous losses on the pension funds of thousands of Chilean workers in 2008 and 2011. Since 2002 the private pension system has offered Chilean workers 5 optional portfolios with different risk levels, and we have been advising them in making their choice. FondoAlerta customers manage pension funds worth hundred million dollars.

Our customers not only have taken advantage of the investment facilities provided by the pension system in Chile, but, as following our advice have improved their profitability 3.57% average overall and avoided losing 34.62% over the mortgage crisis 2008. See our results in Chile.

It Works for Any Two Assets

We are convinced that our strategy works for any two assets: a risky and a safe harbor.
By now we offer our recommendations for:

  • Multifunds in Chile: Fund Type A / Fund Type E
  • Investment in USA: S&P500 / Treasury Bonds

We are always open to expand our offer to any other pair of assets: you name them.

¿Who are our customers?

Our advice is aimed at those who manage their own investments or those of third parties. People managing their own or their company's 401K or IRA retirement funds, or any other form of third party fund management can benefit from our advice. Whatever your condition or the plan you choose, our recommendation is simultaneous and equal for all our customers.

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At the end of the road, profits will explain more than 80% of your final value.